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Axno table

Axno table


"Praise yourself donkey, nobody praises you"


Axno en lengua náhuat, ha sido desde hace mucho tiempo un símbolo de nobleza, fuerza y ​​trabajo arduo, han sido usados ​_d04a07d8- 9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_like pack animals due to their strength, but they could become extinct.


In Mexico, we believe that the donkey is an animal that we should be proud of. He carries his heavy load without resting and regardless of the weather, he was always happy. For this and more, ask to pay homage to the donkey in collaboration hand in hand, representing it on a solid wood coffee table, volcanic stone weights and a charging element where you can place your favorite magazines.

  • Dimensiones

    100 × 30 × 55 cm

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